Nominees for 2021 Board

Leaders of the Association are elected by majority vote of the members present at the Annual Meeting. The Nominating Committee has chosen the following candidates to stand for election at  the Annual Meeting on December 12, 2020.


Janet Bauder Thornburg (ΦΒΚ Stanford University 1974)

Originally from California, Janet earned three degrees in geology: B.S. and M.S. at Stanford University and Ph.D. at the University of Colorado Boulder. While working as a petroleum geologist, she lived in Oklahoma, Wyoming, Colorado, and Texas. After retiring and moving to Ann Arbor in 2016, Janet joined the Greater Detroit Association ΦΒΚ and became Vice President for Membership (2017-2020).


Pamela Trotman Reid (ΦΒΚ Howard University 2016)

Pam is a ΦΒΚ Senator. An alumna of Howard Univ; Temple Univ; & Univ. of Pennsylvania, she served as president of Univ. of Saint Joseph (Connecticut) for seven years. Formerly a professor of psychology at Univ. of Michigan, as well as at City Univ. of New York. She now lives in mid-town Detroit and is a senior scholar at the Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute at Wayne State.


John Bassett (ΦΒΚ Ohio Wesleyan University 1964)

John is President Emeritus at Clark University. He also served as President of Heritage University and as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Case Western Reserve University. A professor of English who began his career at Wayne State University (1970-84), he is now retired and lives in Auburn Hills.



Levi Roth (ΦΒΚ Indiana University Bloomington 2019)

During his undergrad, Levi pursued dual bachelor’s degrees in physics and computer science with a minor in mathematics. Upon completion of his master’s in information systems, he relocated to Rochester Hills as a software developer for General Motors. In his free time, Levi enjoys slalom water skiing. 

Megan Riherd.jpg


Megan Riherd (ΦΒΚ University of Florida 2008)

Megan majored in Latin and Ancient Greek as an undergraduate and then earned her master’s degree in Education at the University of Florida. She has nine years of experience teaching Latin at the middle and high school level in Florida and southeast Michigan. She lives in Royal Oak with her husband and four-year old daughter.

Mary Stone_3 2019.jpg

TREASURER (incumbent)

Mary Stone (ΦΒΚ University of Michigan 1980)

Mary has bachelor and master's degrees in actuarial science. She began her career as an actuary in insurance before becoming a retirement consultant for organizations with defined benefit and defined contribution plans. Although recently retired, Mary remains active in the actuarial profession.


Christine Nasso (ΦΒΚ Wayne State University 1971)

Chris worked in reference publishing for most of her career --- as an editorial director, new product development director, and, finally, a publisher. She lives in Royal Oak and currently does free-lance marketing work for a publisher of reference books for middle and high school students.



Estrella Salgado (ΦΒΚ University of Michigan 2020)


Inducted into ΦΒΚ as a junior, Estrella is currently a senior studying History and Museum Studies. Estrella serves as a Docent Representative at the U-M Museum of Natural History and is the Governance Chair of the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology’s Student Advisory Group. She often bakes chocolate chip scones as fuel for her thesis about museums and department stores in the Progressive Era.


Aaron Pearson (ΦΒΚ Purdue University 2002)


Aaron is a Lead Programmer/Analyst at the University of Michigan where he has been employed since 2010. He has a background in cognitive science, where his past work focused on human visual perception. His more recent work has focused on data interpretation and analysis in support of a variety of disciplines including psychology, education, survey methodology and healthcare. He holds degrees from Purdue University, Michigan State University and the University of Michigan.


Kenneth Watson (ΦΒΚ Wayne State University 1964)


Ken is a retired public school educator. He has served on the Scholarship Task Force and the Nominating Committee of the Greater Detroit Association ΦΒΚ.

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